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How to Care For Your Teeth After Wisdom Teeth Extractions

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Patients should always be careful and follow their dentist’s instructions after wisdom teeth extractions. At Hunsaker Dental, we make it a point to ensure all patients are aware of their post-operation procedures. Our goal is to make sure our patients recover completely and without any complications from their procedure.

With proper care, you will experience minimal discomfort and won’t be at risk of infection. Dr. Travis Hunsaker has a lot of experience with Salem wisdom teeth extraction. He knows how to ensure patients are comfortable and well-informed.

What Should You Do Immediately After the Operation?

It is important to follow your dentist’s instructions, after the procedure. Here’s what you need to do immediately post extraction:

  • Keep the gauze pad placed over the surgical site for at least 30 minutes. You must then remove and discard this gauze.
  • Don’t rinse or brush the extraction site vigorously. This can cause injuries and even lead to bleeding. The surgical site with have a small blood clot that should remain intact during the recovery process.
  • Take the pain medications that were prescribed to you if you start experiencing discomfort. You will experience some pain after the local anesthetic starts to fade away and this is normal.
  • Place an ice pack on your face after the surgery is complete. This will help reduce any inflammation or swelling that exists.

The recovery time for your Salem wisdom teeth extraction is usually three to four days. However, the recovery largely depends on the state of the wisdom teeth before they were extracted. If they were too impacted and deeply rooted in the jawbone, the recovery process will take more time.


Ice pack for reducing swelling

What Should You Do During the Days Following the Extraction?

If there are no complications, there isn’t much you need to do after extraction! The dentist will provide a list of post-operative recommendations that will include everything from cleaning to diet. Here are some of the things you might need to do:

  • Take the day of the surgery, and the next day off from work or school. It is a good idea to get some rest before going back to your daily lifestyle.
  • Brush your teeth gently after 24 hours of the surgery and not before. It is also a good idea to rinse your mouth with salt water to avoid infection.
  • Maintain a soft food diet for a few days post the surgery. Make sure these food items aren’t the kind that cling to your teeth. Things like applesauce, cottage cheese, tofu, yogurt, etc, are a great choice.
  • You might experience some discoloration, nausea, swelling, etc., for a few days. Keep an eye out for unusual symptoms like pus, fever, excessive and prolonged pain, and anything alarming. Contact your dentist immediately if you experience any of these problems.

If you want to know more about Salem wisdom teeth extraction, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Hunsaker Dental. You can contact us through our website or visit one of our locations located in Salem, Monmouth or Aumsville today!

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