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3 Steps to Dental Implants

Dental Implant at Dentist Salem Oregon - Hunsaker Dental

Beginning to consider dental implants?

Watch this video to see Salem, Oregon Dentist Dr. Travis Hunsaker explain the dental implant process!

Steps to dental implants:

  1. Dr. Hunsaker will check your eligibility for dental implants — which is simply checking if you have enough bone to put the implant in
  2. Schedule the procedure — the process in full takes a few months to complete, so you will want to get started!
  3. When the implant has integrated to the jawbone — attachments will be added to the post

This process will allow you to continue with your daily life and will leave you with the smile you have always wanted!

Want more details on the dental implant process? Let Dr. Hunsaker clear up any questions you may have in the 3 Steps to Dental Implants video.

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